Hello .. pull up a chair and sit awhile!

I just started a brand new adventure and would love to share it with you.  After years of working, I’m now retired.  And after years of boating, I’m now a landlubber.  With all of that out of the way, I just bought an RV travel trailer and a pickup truck and I’m heading out to see some brand new (to me) corners of this world!

In between RV trips, I enjoy local day trips close to home in order to see things I’ve not seen before.  I also love road trips that last for several days where I can appreciate the comfort of a nice B&B or country inn.  And, free from the cost of boat ownership, I will be able to take an occasional international flight to see other parts of this amazing world.  I’m sure looking forward to all of these travels and will share the best parts of these excursions here.  So come on along and enjoy the ride!

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Welcome! .. and thanks for coming along.  Let’s get going!

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