Housekeeping .. or, rules of the road


Seems as though the “automatic” email notification for each new post I publish was not working as it should.  I don’t know what the problem was, but it now seems to be working.  If you signed up and “subscribed” to this blog, then you should be getting an email every time I publish a new post.  If you think you are signed up to receive those notifications, but you aren’t receiving them (starting now and into the future), please let me know.  If anything ever seems amiss with this blog at any time, please let me know.

Housekeeping and other fun stuff.

No vacuuming or dusting required!  🙂

Some of you who are reading this blog already follow other blogs so you know the drill.  But not everyone is familiar with blogging, and not all blogs are the same.  So I thought I’d take this opportunity to chat with you about how this blog works and what the best ways are for everyone to chime in and participate (if you want to).

First off, please feel free to write comments below each post.  Tell me what you like about this blog or a particular post … ask questions about anything you see or read here … tell me what the flowers and animals and birds are that are in my photos (I sometimes don’t have a clue what they are) … tell me your favorite joke … tell me what your favorite photo is so far … tell me where YOU have been and what you’ve seen that my trips remind you of, or let me know if you’ve been to the same place where I was and what you thought of it.  You are also more than welcome to comment/reply to each others’ comments.  Start a conversation with someone else here, ask a question or make a comment about something someone else wrote.  Many of you know each other!  It’s all good.

I’d love to know where you have camped (tent, trailer, or motorhome) or where you have stayed in a B&B or motel, or where you went by boat, where there might be camping nearby.  Tell me what you saw and how you liked it, especially if it was here in the Pacific Northwest of the USA … Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, and British Columbia (although BC is in the southwest corner of Canada, not the northwest corner).  I would love suggestions on where to go, so to speak … be nice. 🙂

Click on photos to enlarge them.  There are a few photos on the blog that I have taken off the internet that won’t enlarge here, but most of the photos (mine and internet photos) will enlarge.  And yet, most of even the enlarged photos are quite a bit smaller than the original photo I took, so if you have a burning desire to see any original full-size photo, just let me know and I will email it to you.  Probably 99.3% of the photos are mine.  That percentage is a guess; please don’t count up the number of photos and make me eat my words. 🙂

Please add your location or other identifier to your name when you comment.  I’ll give you some examples.  There’s no other online name like “Furry Gnome” (hi FG!) so that fellow simply uses that moniker.  Gene uses “Gene in Ohio”.   “Ginger D” uses her last initial.  When I post to other RV blogs, I use “Ann of Tacoma”.  On this blog, I will use just “Ann”.  Feel free to use a boat name like “BACCHUS Bob” or something like that.  There are already four Bob’s who subscribe to this blog and I sure don’t want to get you guys mixed up!  Yikes.  Anyone in the world can post a comment.  You don’t have to be a subscriber to post a comment.  Please use your first name and your location, or boat name, or a profession like “Welder Wanda”, or a hobby like “Quentin the Quilter”, or such like that and join in.  Once you chose a name, stick with it so all of us know who you are in the future.

Please share this blog with anyone you know who might enjoy it … anyone who might be interested in getting into RV-ing … someone who has just started RV-ing  … a long-time RV-er who might have experiences to share with all of us here … someone who has no intention of RV-ing but who might love to experience the adventure vicariously.  Send the URL,, via email or any other social media to anyone who might be interested.

About 20% of the email subscribers to this blog are members of the Classic Yacht Association.  You folks all know each other.  Another bunch of subscribers are friends from a church I used to go to.  You folks all know each other too.  Another bunch are women friends who mostly know each other.  Another group are RV-ing folks who probably all know each other from sharing/reading online blogs, some by meeting in person on the road.  And then about 1/3 of the email subscribers here have email addresses I don’t recognize at all and that’s super, the more the better!

There are people subscribing to this blog from the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK that I know of for sure, possibly from other countries as well.  In addition, the blog has readers (who are not necessarily subscribers) from USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, Britain, Greece, India, and Belgium.  The most “views” this blog has had in one full day so far is 1,405 views and the most individual visitors (separate computer IP numbers so separate, individual computers or devices) this blog has had in one full day so far is 259 visitors, in one day!  I’m surprised and pleased.  Everyone is very much welcome to come along, visit with me along the way, visit with each other, or just read and enjoy.

Oh, one more thing (like you need one more thing, right?) .. one more thing is that you’ll notice at the top of each post and the bottom of each post (at the very bottom of just the post, above the comments) is small, faint text with an arrow.  Those are links that will take you to the next older post (left hand side link/arrow) or will take you to the next newer post (right hand side link/arrow).  So there’s no need to find the list of posts on the right side of this window if you are simply reading through the posts in order, or if you want to re-read the next most recent post, or see if there is a newer post, etc.

I started uploading posts about a month ago.  I was more than a year behind in posts at that time.  I’m now just four months behind.  I’ll keep writing and posting until I catch up.  But now, let’s get back out there and get back on the road … here we go!  Thanks for coming along!

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8 Responses to Housekeeping .. or, rules of the road

  1. Bob Wheeler says:

    Tried to answer but it went to cyber space. This stuff is hard and not easy.

  2. marif, in Portland says:

    We used to camp/hike/amble at Mowich Lake. I especially remember Spray Falls. Don’t know if it accomodates RVs/trailers, but if it does, it would be a beautiful place to go.

    • Ann says:

      Hi Marif,
      I think I remember the name “Spray Falls”, but then I think I remember lots of things. 🙂 Just looked up Mowich Lake online and there is indeed a campground and the website says it is gorgeous. Ok, it is now on my list. Thank you!

  3. Ginger D says:

    Ann, the email notification worked again, for me! I think it’s all straightened out.
    I enjoy reading your blog, with the easy “rules” and laid back attitude of yours. I also love that you comment back to our comments.
    I live in the desert (Las Vegas) but grew up in Southern California. Spent a few years in southern Utah too. When I was married, my husband and I traveled in a motorhome. Then we switched over to a 5th wheel trailer. Unfortunately we got divorced and he kept the RV.
    I read RV Sue’s blog, and the Bayfield Bunch, and now yours. You are doing a great job with your blog!

    • Ann says:

      Hi Ginger D,
      Wow, thank you .. I’m humbled. RV Sue’s blog and Al’s blog are really excellent and very popular. I follow them too and enjoy them a great deal. It’s sure nice to hear that someone who likes them also likes my blog. I’ll try to keep it interesting and fun .. mostly fun!
      Sorry to hear about the divorce. Maybe it was for the best, but those things usually sure don’t feel “best”. Nevertheless, I’m glad you’re here now and are part of this journey. Hang around and help me out. 🙂

  4. BACCHUS Bob says:

    BACCHUS Bob here. WOO HOO, I am famous!!!! BACCHUS and I am in your blog. I hope that I will be able to get to sleep tonight, I am so excited. Thanks

    • Ann says:

      Hi BACCHUS Bob,
      It couldn’t happen to a more handsome guy either. Be sure to tell Wendie that .. she might forget. 😉 Sleep tight my friend. Hmmmm, did I email you that photo? I love it. Ok, I’ll go email it to you right now.

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