Kanaskat-Palmer State Park, day 2

After a good night’s sleep, I was ready for some exploring.  Here’s a sign (below) that was in the park near one of the river kayaking take-out sites.  It shows the general relationship of the campground to the Green River that encircles most of the Kanaskat-Palmer State Park.  My campsite was right under the “w” in the word “below” on that sign, so you’ll see there was nothing between me and the river except for those luscious trees and ferns and such.  This sign warns visitors about the Class IV rapids.  There were lots of signs in the area with warnings about the river.

There were so many trails in the park, along the river, leading to the various launch and take-out sites, and through woods and forests.  I’ll post just a few photos here from all of today’s hikes and not bother trying to say exactly where I was.  I didn’t hike all the trails today, so there will be more photos coming.  It was so beautiful!

The park Rangers told me that heavy rains and heavier than usual snow-melt had swollen the river to a level much higher than normal.

A fellow traveler.

The photos above and below were taken upstream from and looking back down-stream at the take-out or haul-out beach where river rafters should stop and haul their boats out before the Class IV rapids.  The beach is just to the right of a white rock, pretty much in the center of the photos.  The rapids start past the large rock outcropping, then around the corner to the right.  Notice the large red warning sign .. “Dangerous River Conditions Ahead, expert boaters only, all others should exit, no exit from river for 6 miles”.  Yikes.

And no, this part of the river was not the Class IV dangerous part!

It was the middle of June, beautiful weather, and yet not a soul was around except for the few of us who were camping in the campground.  The parking lots (and there were several) were empty except for my big white truck.

The next post will be about a little exploration road trip outside the park that I took on the afternoon of this same day.  Watch for that post!

Please feel free to post comments below.  I’d love to hear what you think of Kanaskat State Park or anything about this camping trip.  Sorry I don’t have sound and smell to share .. it smelled so fresh and wonderful, and the sounds of the river and the birds were miraculous.

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2 Responses to Kanaskat-Palmer State Park, day 2

  1. Jan says:

    Great shot of the berry! What kind is it?

    • Ann says:

      Hi Jan,
      That berry is a Salmonberry, or rubus spectabilis if that reference helps. Obviously I’m a bit behind in posting (will catch up soon) since this post is about a camping trip in June 2017. So that berry wasn’t quite ripe yet when the photo was taken (in June). But I bet by now (November) that berry has long since ripened and been eaten and enjoyed by a happy camper or a bird or other critter in that Kanaskat Park area. Thanks for asking. 🙂

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