Kanaskat State Park (July), day 3 afternoon


Continuing on from the last post …..

After the extraordinary morning today (read that post here if you haven’t already), I ate lunch back at my trailer and then fell very soundly asleep for over an hour.  While I was sleeping, I’m sure my subconscious was very busy dealing with both interactions from this morning.  What a miracle they each were.

I awoke refreshed from the nap and was ready for another hike in the woods .. this time down to the river right near my campsite.  I would be leaving tomorrow morning and wanted to enjoy every minute I had here.

As I neared the river, I could hear kids and adults .. lots of laughter and splashing.  It was a hot day, the middle of July, school was out, and everyone was having a great time.

The level of the water was a great deal lower than it was when I was here a month ago.  At that time, there wasn’t even a hint of these long, rock shelves.  And there were no gravel bars extending out into the river either.

It was a hot day.  The water was cold and very tempting!  But stepping into the water on these slippery rocks didn’t seem like such a good idea.  Still, how interesting these rock formations were.  I wished for a geologist nearby to tell me about them.

When I got to this warm gravel beach, my shoes and socks flew off my feet, and into the water I went.  That water was cold!  When my feet got too numb, I got out of the water and lolly-gagged around on the shore for awhile enjoying everyone else having a great time in the river.

Eventually I headed back through the gorgeous green forest to my campsite and my trailer.

After dinner and some time curled up with a good book, I looked forward to another peaceful night of sleep.  Tomorrow morning, I’ll hitch up the trailer and head home.  Can’t hardly wait to figure out where I’ll be going next.  I wonder where that will be … hmmm.

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8 Responses to Kanaskat State Park (July), day 3 afternoon

  1. Peter Riess says:

    Sounds like camping is really turning out to be an adventure for you. We plan to start van camping in the near future. Life after classic yachting? Seems very much so.

    • Ann says:

      Hi Peter,
      I’m loving it. Obviously a bit different than boating, but much of it just the same, just with many more places to go and much less expensive. There is this pesky line down the middle of the road tho, when you are driving, that isn’t there when boating. What’s with that? 🙂

  2. Ginger D says:

    The water looks so refreshing. What a beautiful camp. I would want to sit somewhere and watch the kids having a fun time. They never seem to mind the cold water. Lol

    • Ann says:

      Hi Ginger D,
      Isn’t that the truth!? I remember as a kid growing up on Whidbey Island how my brother and I would go swimming in the very cold water of Puget Sound most any time of year except the dead of winter. Kids are nuts! I put my little toe in the water now and it seems freezing. Or, hey, maybe the water is colder now than it was back then? 🙂

  3. Sondra says:

    Nothing beats a cool dip on a hot day! I like a sandy bottom over a rocky or muddy one, so this looks about right!

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