Packing the trailer and Little Towhee arrives

The truck upgrades were completed.  Wescraft RV wrapped up the work on the trailer in excellent fashion and answered all of my questions.  I paid all those bills and hitched up the trailer to the truck and drove both of them from Wescraft RV to my home .. nope, not back to the storage lot where the trailer was stored, but to my home.  My idea was to have the trailer at home, right outside my front door, for a week so I could clean it and stock it and make the bed and fill the water tank and test everything one last time.  And then I would leave from home with the trailer in tow and head to Kanaskat-Palmer State Park for my first camping trip.  It was a good plan and it worked nicely.

And then my good friend gave me the bird! My word!

And then along came “little Towhee”, my new pal from the National Audubon Society.  She seemed comfortable with the trailer at first blush, but then started asking where the real world was and why she couldn’t see it, and she kept falling over (do birds drink alcohol?).

Is this the way out (cheep) .. where is the light (cheep)?

So I found her a perfectly-sized basket for her perch and I opened the drapes.  Oh my was that little bird happy then!  She chirped and sang with joy (especially when you squished her belly).  From this day forward, she has come along on every camping trip, sits up on the dash in the truck, chirps at me when I’m not going in the right direction, and is happy to explore the world with me.  It’s great fun for me to have her along.

Getting ready to leave.

Getting ready to leave for four days and three nights of camping entailed the usual tidying up at home and paying bills and other mundane chores like buying food and packing clothes and such.  As well there was a little yard work to be done on my back patio before I could take off.  Here are a few photos.


Campfire Coleus

The next morning, I would be taking off on my very first RV travel trailer camping adventure.  I was nervous and yet so happy, all at the same time.  Change is a very good thing especially when you feel you are at least a little bit in control.  I sure hoped I was.  But first, a good night’s sleep .. and then tomorrow the next new adventure!

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